May. 7th, 2017 08:57 pm
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In the library, late at night, Sonico occupied a desk in the corner of the reference section. The desk lamp glowed enough that she could see what she was reading. A cold cup of coffee was abandoned at her side as she tried to catch up on her studies. It was one of her ways of coping; throwing herself deep into anything that meant she didn't have to think. About Arro.

Arro, who had meant so much to her, but was gone. The last they had spoken was Arro trying to reassure her that he did not blame her for what had happened. But she had not seen him after the incident, had felt sure that he would never want to see her again. Sure enough, that's what had happened, and Sonico bitterly regretted not getting to see Arro one last time. These thoughts had weighed heavy on her heart for some time now. Tonight, in the library, was no different. Every time the lamp light caught the fresh pink scars on her arm she shuddered and did her best to swallow down her misery. 
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Hello! You've reached Sonico!

If you would like to make a booking for my modelling services, please leave details of your name and the job involved.

Many thanks!

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This journal is for waifu Sonico!~

Feel free to drop me a note here, or to message me on Plurk at dystopiadreams for any plotting and HMDing you like!

Sonico is fragile. Please do not break her.

Backtagging: Yup!
Threadhopping: Let me know, in case I get lost!
Fourthwalling: Sure, why not?

Hugging this character:
Yes, but can be awkward unless you are good friends!
Kissing this character: Yes, we'll see what happens! XD
Flirting with this character: Most definitely!
Fighting with this character: Sonico is not a fighter. Please don't attack her at random - that would be mean!
Injuring this character: Who doesn't love injury and suffering? But this needs to be discussed first!
Killing this character: Let's talk about it!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: An OC forewarning first would be nice, please!

Extra Info:

Personally I do not shy from any amount of violence or sexiness, but the right context has to be in place first! <3


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